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1. No-one can predict this weather, however our comp is dictated to by the weather; so, its a struggle to consider safety, bad falls & health versus playing netball games on wet courts.
2. This Saturday, we will endeavour to give parents more notice of game cancellations. That means if a game is cancelled and 90 minutes later the sun shines, the game will still be cancelled.
3. OPENS first 5 weeks are important. If 21 May cancelled, games will be re-scheduled for Sat 4 June.
4. The 3  x Opens games being played at 3.50pm tomorrow may go ahead. Decision at 2pm.

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WEEK 3  WRAP-UP from Umpire ‘Coach Kat’.

YEAR 2: Coaches – please ensure you let umpires do their job of ‘teaching on the go’. Too much shouting from sidelines confuses children. Wait till breaks to give them praise!

WEARING JEWELLERY is a NO. Studs with bandaids are a NO. This is a Netball Aust Rule found in the Rule Book and our net-set-go Rules. Players usually remove the studs for the 40 mins and then replace after sanitising.

DOGS: I adore dogs, however, Council will not permit dogs up on the top courts.

SANDY COURTS?: If you see sand gathering on a court, please come and let Desk Officer know. Or borrow our large brooms from the storeroom.

WET WEATHER MAKE-UP GAME this week for our Opens teams. See you all after Year 2 finish. We start at 3.50pm.


Game dates for 2022 Competition:

Round Date
1 30-Apr-22
2 07-May-22
3 14-May-22
4 21-May-22
5 28-May-22
6 04-Jun-22
 Long Weekend 11-Jun-22
7 18-Jun-22
8 25-Jun-22
 School Hols 02-Jul-22
 School Hols 09-Jul-22
 School Hols 16-Jul-22
9 23-Jul-22
10 30-Jul-22
11 06-Aug-22
12 13-Aug-22
13 20-Aug-22
14 27-Aug-22
15 03-Sep-22
16 10-Sep-22
17 17-Sep-22

ESCPSNA 2022 – Table Duty and Round dates

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