Welcome to E S C P S N A

2021 Season starts this SATURDAY 24 APRIL

We look forward to seeing you all back on the netball courts on Saturday for what we hope is a long and happy season.

Match Day logistics

• The competition draws is available here and copy will be available at the competition desk
• Please no dogs on the top courts. This is a Council requirement and fines will be issued.
• No jewellery – No earrings; no studs and taping is not permitted. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule!
• Please do not arrive more than 10-minutes prior to the game as per COVID regulations.
• Basic First Aid equipment is available from the Control Room. Ice is available from the School Food Stall.
• Extra bibs are available from the Control Room and must be returned immediately after use.
• Retrieve and return scoresheets to the Competition Desk at the Control Room.

COVID Safety

Although restrictions have lifted we still need to be vigilant and adhere to all the COVID Safety rules. We are still required to follow COVID safety rules as per our COVID Safety Plan including QR Code check in for everyone attending, adhering to the 2 square metre rule and social distancing. All COVID Safety information for the competition can be found here.

Years 2 and Year 3 games

Our younger players are beginning their netball journey so it is important to encourage them on the day and coaches should keep instructions to a minimum, avoiding too much sideline ‘noise’’.  The umpires will spend the majority of the game on the court with the players, helping them with positions, distances etc. and will be teaching the players as they go. They adopt the role of the ‘encouraging ‘teacher’ rather than a rule enforcer, so please make sure that all players are able to hear the umpire during the game by avoiding being noisy from the sideline.

A reminder that Year 2 games are not scored. As per NetSetGO guidelines, Score sheets are not used for year 2 and instead Rotation sheets must be completed for each game. Player rotations will be recorded and each player must be given the opportunity to play through all positions during the season to allow them to properly learn the game.

Competition Dates
ESCPSNA 2021 Winter Netball Season Dates